DOST OneLab Conducts Orientation on Services of its 58th Member

Published on 04/17/2023 11:25 AM by: newsuser Category: None

The DOST OneLab conducted an online orientation today, 17 April 2023 for its Customer Relations Officers (CROs) on the services of its 58th member, Sonju Engineering Services. The primary objective of the orientation was to provide the CROs with a comprehensive understanding of the services offered by Sonju Engineering Services. This would enable them to expedite the referral transactions of OneLab customers effectively.

Sonju Engineering Services is a member of the OneLab network which specializes on the calibration of various parameters, including electrical, force, hygrometry, length, mass, pressure, temperature, torque, and volume. By equipping the CROs with a better understanding of these services, they can provide more accurate and timely referrals to customers.

Ms. Rosemarie S. Salazar, ARD FASTS of DOST IX, and Dr. Annabelle V. Briones, ITDI Director, highlighted the importance of orientations like this to better serve Filipino customers. By continuously improving their knowledge and understanding of the services offered by OneLab members, the CROs can provide better service to customers and contribute to the overall growth of the network.